Ensemble Trielen - Trio d'anches

Ensemble Trielen is a reed trio formed by a clarinet, an oboe and a bassoon. Endowed with a rich musical past since the baroque period, the vast repertoire for the reed trio covers many centuries with their different periods and styles. From variations about Bach, through works of Mozart and François Devienne, the reed trio got its popularity since the very beginning of the twentieth century. A considerable catalogue of original compositions was born with Auric, Tansmann, Ibert, Martinu, Français, etc…
Finally, contemporary composers are obviously interested in the reed trio, foundation of the woodwind in a symphony orchestra. That is how creations of contemporary works are specially written for Ensemble Trielen: works of Siberchicot,Yves Pignot and, recently, of Jean-Claude Wolf, Henri Pauly, Laubry and Yassen Vodenicharov.

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